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  • 4 mars 2010 at

    Michel: plein d’ optimisme!

    Tire-lyre: elles etaient prisonnières …

    Amicalement à vous deux

  • 21 mai 2012 at

    I wonder how many of the tnhigs publishers, editors and agents have been telling us will be revealed as irrelevant now that e-publishing allows authors to submit their stuff directly to the readers. That is, it will turn out to have been perfectly good advice about what publishers will publish, but not so much use as advice about what readers like.I think those of us in the genres may be especially surprised to discover that our readers are not a hermetically sealed subgroup, but instead are perfectly happy reading literature written according to a wide variety of conventions. After all, why would a PhD who spent Saturday afternoon reading Dickens suddenly stop being able to tolerate extended narrative descriptions when s/he picks up a fantasy book that evening? For that matter, why would the person who just finished reading John Galt’s speech in Atlas Shrugged’ get upset that a fantasy book’s characters spend five pages discussing major plot points? It will be very interesting for someone’s dissertation to analyze the genre conventions of successful independently published books. Sort of like when people analyzed fanfic and discovered that much of it was written *to evade* the genre conventions of the originals suggesting that rigid genre conventions may frustrate fans as much as they satisfy them.

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